As with the other sections of this document, we’re mainly concerned with Season 2/Volume 2 of Heroes. However, if you wish you bring up some elements of Season 1 that continue into or inform elements of S2/V2, that’s perfectly acceptable.

This section will deal with the concerns and criticisms we have with the Characters and characterization in Season 2/Volume 2. We’ll deal with each character both individually and in relation to the others.

Volume 2 Major Characters:

  • Claire Bennet
  • Noah Bennet
  • Monica Dawson
  • Elle
  • D.L. Hawkins
  • Maya Herrera
  • Ando Masahashi
  • Adam Monroe/Takezo Kensei
  • Hiro Nakamura
  • Matt Parkman
  • Nathan Petrelli
  • Peter Petrelli
  • Micah Sanders
  • Niki/Jessica/Gena Sanders
  • Mohinder Suresh
  • “Sylar”/Gabriel Grey
  • Bob
  • The Haitian
  • Alejandro Herrera
  • Maury Parkman
  • West Rosen
  • Molly Walker
  • Candice Wilmer
  • Angela Petrelli

Feel free to bring up any other characters that I missed.

Obviously you can’t completely separate plot from character or character from the issues of race and gender that arise. If you’re not sure if an issue is more plot or character or if your issue with character is more gender or race-based, post to the comments in each section and the editors will make a call.

How this works

In the comments, post whatever you have to say about the character/characterization elements of Heroes that concern/anger you. You can touch on the issues Tim Kring mentioned in this EW interview, but put more emphasis on things he didn’t mention.

If you’ve come across a brilliant blog post that you feel encapsulates your exact feelings on a plot element, please provide a quote and a link back to the post itself.

We also encourage contributors to comment on each other’s offerings, clarifying and questioning the opinions offered. If you feel strongly about a comment or post, please tell us why.

Things to keep in mind when formulating your critique:

  • The more specific you are, the better.  Reference episodes/chapters, if you can/need to.
  • Provide explanations or links defining terms or concepts Kring and the other writers may not know about/fully grasp.
  • Mention areas where the show is doing something right in order to highlight ways they can fix what they’re doing wrong.


  1. Anyone may participate in this collaboration. The idea is to bring in the opinions and views of a diverse swath of Heroes fans.
  2. Your first comment will be moderated, but once it’s approved all subsequent comments should appear right away. To ensure this, please use the same email address each time. You don’t have to leave a real email address, but only the blog administrator can see it if you do.
  3. If you quote from another website or blog, please provide a link as reference. If the commentary you’re providing is your own, please indicate such. Provide a URL only if you don’t mind us linking back to it in the “Contributors” section. It will also help if people use names or handles they go by elsewhere on the web.
  4. The point of this document is to provide civil and constructive criticism of Heroes, not to bash Tim Kring, the writers, the actors, or NBC. Therefore, try to stay on topic and don’t resort to ad hominem attacks of fellow fans/collaborators or anyone involved with the show. Heated discussion is okay, disagreements may arise, just don’t be a jerk.
  5. As we will be discussing the touchy subjects of Race and Gender in some parts, it would help us all if commenters/collaborators familiarized themselves with the articles listed here. Particularly the “How to Suppress…” and “How not to be insane…” articles.
  6. Trolls and other people who cannot follow the rules will be moderated without warning and banned if the disagreeable behavior persists.
  7. Keep comments and contributions on topic.

5 Responses

  1. Why Maya and Alejandro’s storyline makes me uncomfortable.

    Too much to excerpt. the whole essay is really good.

  2. Well i was so sad seeing Peter in Ireland…i was shock how much out of character he was during all those episodes!. Peter could lost his memory but not his personality or moral direction.
    I couldnt believe he was with a woman (Caitlin) and rejected to open the box to find if he had a family, wife or even a girlfriend waiting for him. The first season Peter waited until he quit his job and then…tell Simone how much he loved her….and in season 2 we had a Peter who didnt care about anything. He was weak, afraid of everything and he chose to stay and making out with a girl who knew for 1 or 2 weeks…instead of search for his past and his family…Where is the season one PEter there?.
    In the 6 first episodes of v2 Peter wasnt Peter but not because he couldnt remember anything, because it was badly written.

  3. I hated the change in Mohinder and Parkman’s characters. Everything led up to them rising above their challenges and making a positive impact, but Mohinder has made nothing but bad decisions the whole of season two, and Parkman is becoming scarier than his father.

  4. How is Parkman scarier than his father? He forced Mama Petrelli to tell the truth, which–I admit–is much easier for him than for most detectives, but that’s what interrogations are all about. Sure, Mama Petrelli says making her ‘fess up means he’s as bad as his father, but she’s just pushing his buttons to try to keep him from doing it. She has an agenda.

    Yes, Matt has the _potential_ to become a villain, but simply being _able_ to compel people is no more inherently evil than having superhuman strength. Yes, you CAN abuse the power for evil ends, but you don’t HAVE to.

  5. Sinanju, I totally agree about Parkman. In fact, he’s one of the only character whose storyline I like this season. He’s facing a power he knows can be used for evil, but wants to use it for good. That’s a great struggle, I think.

    Mohinder? Yeah, WTF. Not only is he doing the wrong thing, he’s doing the dumb thing. Every. Time.

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